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Fat Jake

Fat Jake
Its all about me
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My weight loss adventure

This is my page about my weight loss adventure.  I tip the scales at 349 and I need do something about it if i want to live a full life. 
I am sick of the fad diets.  I lose 20 pounds with them, then gain it back with a little extra.
I am trying to stay at 1250 calories 
For exercise I am following a plan to run a 10k race, basically 30 minuets a day run/walk 
I also get a four mile hike in 2-3 times a week.
This is my adventure

Updates and other stuff

Check in every Friday for weigh in day.

06/30/06    334, Had a rough week staying on track.  Better then a gain.

06/23/06     334  Its a loss, not as much as I wanted, but I will take it

06/16/06     336, That's what I like to see,  making progress

06/02/06     340, seem to be stuck in a rut

05/01/06    347 Scary